Beef Heel Muscle, Frozen 3.5 lb

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Beef Heel Muscle, Frozen 3.5 lb
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Lilly LUO
The beef tendon is good, I will repurchase next time
This time I came in two packs, not the big one before. It's convenient, you don't need to defrost first and then take half of it out to cook. I hope weee will sell more small packages in the future.
Jenny Z
There is more fat in beef tendon. I received a total of 55oz of beef tendon, cut out 5.2oz of fat and threw it away, losing 10%
The brand that I often buy has been out of stock. I hope this is also delicious and will not be disappointed.
I haven’t made beef noodles for a long time, so I made beef noodles with this
I really like this kind of muscle distribution! The taste of braised sauce is loved by the whole family
The pictures are easy to buy, but cheaper in our local supermarket.
Bought at a discount. When it arrived, the meat felt dark and not fresh. It tastes good after the halogen is finished.
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United States
Unit Qty:
3.5 lb

Ingredients: Beef Heel Muscle

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Today in the kitchen: heel muscle. This large cut of meat is perfect for braising or boiling in a rich soup. Dinner is served. Hey, beef for breakfast might be the start of the day you never knew you needed.


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