Conah Fresh Peeled Garlic 226g 1 each

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Conah Fresh Peeled Garlic 226g 1 each
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Very fresh. Would buy again.
This kind of garlic is very clean and convenient. The packaging is just two weeks away.
This can be mashed into garlic, which is very convenient for marinating meat, cooking vegetables, and cooking seafood!! Usually it can be stored for at least one to two months. In refrigerator.
I bought it for the first time, it was really good! convenient!
It’s very convenient. It used to be in barrels, so it’s better to store and take.
No need to peel. A must for lazy people. Super convenient hahahaha!
Lazy people must buy! It just saves time to make chopped peppers!
Angel Wong
Very convenient and fresh garlic, I will buy it again at a special price.
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1 each

Garlic is a popular ingredient because, well, it's freaking delicious. When a recipe calls for two cloves, we all know we need to triple that amount. If that's wrong, we don't want to be right. There's a few garlic peeling hacks out there. But the best one is when you don't need one. This Conah bag of fresh garlic arrives unpeeled. Less prep work is always a big win when it comes to cooking time. Just grab and go.

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated.

Conah Fresh Peeled Garlic


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