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I bought this Japanese-style trout fillet, which is very rich in fat, and the fish skin is fried until crispy. Children like it. The Japanese-style taste is salty, suitable for serving with rice or making a rice ball. The price is a bit more expensive, although it is delicious, there may be no repurchase without special price.
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The best salmon for breakfast. It has no odor and can be eaten very deliciously.
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Large portions, delicious and cheap! I will repurchase next time
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very convenient! Just a little salty
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Buy it for the first time, hope it is as expected
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Fry on medium heat without seasoning, it's delicious!
My son loves Japanese mayonnaise, my husband loves ponzu!
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RHY Vicki
Two pieces of Air fry 5 mins per lunch for one person, delicious, not salty at all!
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The unlimited repurchase of rainbow trout is so convenient. The flavor has been adjusted. You don't need to rinse the oil and fry it over medium heat. You can throw some ginger and garlic cooking wine in the middle of fear of fishy. It will be ready in about 5 minutes. The serving size is really small, you can eat one pack at one meal when you are hungry.
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It tasted good!
Convenient and delicious, there are specials to stock up!
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It's delicious, fragrant, salty, and convenient
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The fish looks good, haven't try it yet, hopefully taste good, will cook it tomorrow.
Although it is more expensive and has a small serving size, it is much tenderer than supermarket ones, and it is delicious
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It’s really salty. I ate two meals with one package. The second meal is fried rice. It’s not unpalatable, but I will tend not to buy this kind of salt in the future.
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I bought it for the first time, and it was still frozen 👌
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Delicious, five large slices of rainbow trout
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Rich in fat, just right in saltiness, fried slowly on low heat, very delicious.
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Take it out of the freezer, thaw it, and put it in the oven all at once.
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There is dry ice when received. Fry it in a pan. No need to put salt. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice when eating, it is a delicious food.
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tastes great, would buy again if on sale