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This kind of thin noodles is delicious and smooth, just a simple seasoning, it will be very delicious with sauce.
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Tasty WuMu noodles. My favorite kind
This noodle is delicious, and it is a special package.
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I bought this for the first time, I hope it's delicious!
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Tomato meat sauce noodles, like the various dried noodles of Itsuki.
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Good quality and good price!
This is my favorite fry noodles and I’ve bought it a few times already. Another 3 boxes arriving from Weee tomorrow! Can be used to cook a variety of dishes.
These are my go-to noodles whenever I make any kind of soup noodle, but they're also good for frying and other noodle dishes. I'm a huge fan of their texture and have been eating this brand as a child. They cook really quickly (boil for 3 minutes) which is super convenient. Here's a picture of a noodle soup dish I made today with them:)
The good noodles I have always prepared👍👍👍
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Emily Chang
I used to buy flavorful ramen, but this time I tried it.
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This brand of ramen is very good and does not boil easily.
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风光无限好 ⛳️
I've been buying this noodle for cooking, it's chewy and delicious
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One of my favorite noodles! They are pricey, so bought them on sale.
Buy a pack at a discount, you can eat it for a long time
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I have eaten his wide ramen noodles, the quality is good, and one box can last for a long time. I bought thin strips this time. I think it will cook better.
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The vermicelli noodles are fast-cooked and will not stick to a lump, and they are also delicious
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The young noodles are good with sesame sauce, and a large box can be eaten for a long time.
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Love noodles, love noodles, love noodles.
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I have been repurchasing a noodle wash, which is more powerful, and it is delicious for noodles or soup noodles. The portion is also sufficient, praise
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It is fine noodles, but it takes a while to cook. The taste is good, the price is good, and it is several dollars cheaper than the ones on Amazon. Eat it right away without adding any soup after it's cooked, otherwise it will become a ball.
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