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Not bad, but I still like the one I bought before
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Laura 陈
The noodles cook very fast and chewy
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Ain't a talker
Really like
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This ramen is good, I like it
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They cook very fast. I ordered two bags and received one of them sliced open by a small slit made by a knife it cut the handle as well so I dont assume it ripped from moving around. I didn't notice until the day after I put them away in the dark. I won't be making a complaint but I hated the feeling of wasting so much food. I disposed of the entire bag oh well. I have never had any complaints about Weee this is a great service that I recommend to all my friends and will continue to do so. Peace
Thin noodles, easy to cook, boil in the soup to grab the pot noodles and delicious
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This Lanzhou Ramen is delicious! It cooks quickly, and it won't be mushy after cooking for a long time! Will continue to repurchase! A 4lb pack can be eaten for a while!
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The noodles taste very good, the Nth repurchase.
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The noodles are so thin that they can be cooked in a minute or two.
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Repurchased for the second time, not bad! Cooked quickly
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风光无限好 ⛳️
I’ve bought all kinds of noodles, but I’m not disappointed.
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These noodles are amazing and delicious.
Try the Lanzhou Ramen recipe for yourself. Leveraged
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The noodles taste okay, the soup is a bit muddy easily
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?stay weird,stay different
Ramen is not bad after cooking for a long time. good to eat
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It’s thin noodles, it’s delicious with potato sirloin soup
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Sharon Wu
The price of Japanese white hair noodles is a bit expensive, try this noodles, it is very thin and very good
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The noodles are very good and can be made into different types of noodles. There is really a taste of home,
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The noodle is too thin. I tried making noodles with sesame sauce. The dish would have been better if the noodles were thicker. It seems most of the noodles in WEE are thin. Perhaps WEE should do a customer survey and find out what it’s paying customers prefer!!!
Yes, it won't batter the noodles after cooking, but it is ordinary dried noodles, which is far from ramen noodles.
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