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I'm so happy to be able to buy this bread on weee. More affordable than Safeway.
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Put it in a small oven and bake for 5 minutes
Simple, convenient and delicious😋
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There are cheesecake factory black bread, the small one, bought for breakfast with coffee
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Abby Kuang
Black bread and soufflé sauce are a perfect match🤤😍
The brown bread is perfect when it is heated in the microwave for 20 seconds, but it will be too hard if it is fried.
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The bread is delicious, bake it soft and delicious
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I bought this bread first. It was delicious, fragrant and soft, and a little sweet. After adding a little cream cheese, the breakfast became too delicious.
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Be careful! It tastes good!
Special purchase is only value 😄
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Cheesecake factory bread is good.
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Julie L.
This bread is so delicious. I used to buy it in restaurants or in foreign supermarkets. I was surprised to find that Weee actually sold it. Just buy it on Weee in the future.
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These brown bread wheat rolls are good. Slightly sweet. Taste even better after toasting. Will definitely buy again.
My favorite bread, it’s delicious when baked or eaten directly
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I like this kind of bread, it's cheaper than foreign supermarkets at special price
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Robert Mai
Baked 5 mins at 350 degree, it's perfect taste. Also it's very convenient
Li Yu Bing
I bought it from the reviews, and it didn't disappoint me. I baked it according to the instructions. It was soft and delicious, with a hint of sweetness, and it went well with coffee. Special buy price is so cheap!
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This bread is very fragrant. You can eat it dry.
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It's pretty good. It should be better when roasted, and it's also very soft.
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A delicious small meal package, suitable for breakfast.
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Very delicious bread, microwaved for 20 seconds, I ate 3 in one go
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The taste is average, not as good as expected
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Very dry. . There is an additive sweetness, not very tasty
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