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These grapes are yummy and it arrived really fresh. It was crunchy too so that was a bonus!
Really convinced the loading, put the grapes in the bottom, it was crushed by other dishes 😔
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The sweetness of dark purple grapes is very high, just eat a few pieces a day😂
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Karen Wang
Moon grapes are delicious, mainly because they are fresh or not. This time it was not bad. There is not too much thin soup or bad.
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Love these! They’re so fun to eat. Basically just long grapes!
I bought Gum Drop before and it was delicious, so I am going to try the Moon Drop from the same store. It's not bad on its own, but compared to Gum Drop, the skin is thicker, sweeter and less scented. Still like Gum Drop.
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Really like all the stuff delivered today for me!
The long grapes are sweet and delicious
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It's delicious, the kind of grape with a little thick skin 🍇. Lovely shape. Like mini carrots.
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It's black and sweet, and it's so cute.
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Very special grapes 🍇 sweet, delicious, my son also likes it very much, it was sold out when I wanted to place another order
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The grapes are very sweet and relatively fresh, and the children strongly request to buy back
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One of a kind shape, crisp, sweet, and juicy, seedless too👍
Sweet and crispy taste, but also very fresh, recommended
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Tiffany W
It’s a bit stale, and the portion is quite small, so I won’t repurchase it
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