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It's a big bag, it's hard to buy fresh rice noodles here, so it's a relief.
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It was amazing the first time I ate it. The whole rice noodles were not greasy or full of floury taste. We will repurchase at a discount in the future.
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I bought another brown sugar glutinous rice noodles but it’s been out of stock. Try this one~ The peanut-flavored glutinous rice noodles are also delicious, not particularly sweet~ but I still like another brand of brown sugar glutinous rice noodles.
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Very delicious glutinous rice noodles, I will place an order immediately when I see the special price
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This is the peanut-flavored glutinous rice noodles for the first time. It is crispy and sweet, and it is not hard to eat. It is a good snack.
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I wanted to eat glutinous rice noodles for a long time.
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Bought at a discount
I bought it before, so I bought it back
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The rice noodles are good, crispy, not too sweet😍
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It's okay, a little bit sticky, boyfriend loves it
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Sweet and fragrant and crispy, I think it's delicious
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Haitai Peanut Rice Strips Crispy Sweet Peanut Flavor
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Yay!!! Love it!!
My absolute favorite snack! It’s not too sweet but just the right amount of sweetness. Not too oily too and crunchy, very addicted! I’ve seen similar snack like this but this is the best
This expires in 15 days and the taste is weird! unacceptable
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Buy for the first time. Haven't eaten it. Give it a try. Made in Korea.
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It tastes good, and one pack can be eaten for several days.
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