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There are six huge mangoes🥭😄😋
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These kinds of mangoes taste pretty good if they are ripe
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SCCF (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
When I came, it was green, and there were seven of them. After eating one, it was really sweet! The whole box has been emptied up to now, it's so delicious!
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Received six mangoes in the box, and three of them were already started to go bad and had a “fermented” taste. (See first three photos.) It was disappointing since the Keitt mangoes (“Mexican Mangoes”) that I purchased from Weee! last year (see last two photos) were really good. Hoping for better luck next time.
Ariel Çap
There are six in a box, which is not bad, eat it directly, and also make a salad.
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7 are very beautiful, but you have to wait to eat them because they are quite hard. I hope I don’t cook together!
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Isabelle Lui
6 large mangoes, 3 of them quickly black spots and moldy, you need to remove that part to eat, the remaining 3 can be eaten at room temperature for 2 weeks, very sweet and juicy
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I made several cups of Yangzhi Nectar (less grapefruit)-adults and children love it. Mango is very fleshy, sweet and delicious!
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Katie Zhang
Very good mangoes 🥭, each weighs more than 2 pounds, a total of 6 pieces. I, a person who doesn’t like mangoes, also think it’s delicious. After 3 days, the surface feels soft before eating. It is recommended 😋
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Large, succulent, juicy, sweet and delicious, coupled with Weee's great after-sales service, make you feel at ease!
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These mangos are big, juicy, and sweet. Highly recommended. I made chickpeas salad with it. Yum yum 😋
Five big guys came here, hoping it's delicious.
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They look incredible 🥰
I received five big mangoes, but when can I eat them?
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According to Mango, there are 5 in a box, and the whole box is nearly 9 pounds, but the quality is not very fresh, and some have begun to spoil after a few days, and I am a little disappointed. .
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Beautiful on the outside, a lot of them are bad-hearted inside.
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This time it’s not so fresh, so disappointed
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I received five big ones that were very hard, but after three days they turned into big black spots and they were still very hard, speechless🙄
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Not happy with the quality - mangoes are still hard, but at least 3 of them are rotten.
Disappointed! Posting this cuz not the first time receiving bad products from Weee. . Mango in bad shape. Rotten and soft…cannot eat. Don’t buy!