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It's not crispy enough, but it's quite sweet when cooked, just a bit soft and firm.
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C's happyland
Read the review and bought it. It's really good. Most of them are very sweet, and some are not so sweet, but in general they are definitely for sale at a discount.
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Repurchased many times, fresh and delicious 😋, healthy
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Vicky C
Look at the reviews, buy it and eat it. Disappointed! Not tasty, slightly bitter, a bit dry!
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Very sweet, but not suitable for people with high blood sugar.
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Crisp and sweet dates. Although there are two rotten ones, they are generally fresh.
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A touch of sweetness, not particularly delicious~~~
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Candied dates are only red and sweeter
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It is very sweet and not dry, much better than that organic date.
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Shoukang candied dates are very fresh, fragrant, crispy and sweet, very good! Recommended👍
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Unexpected sweet and fresh!! Love it. Will repurchase :)
The jujubes are full and fresh, very delicious, and will be repurchased.
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This jujube is strong, crispy and sweet, with plenty of flesh. I ate half a box as soon as I received it, so I don’t need to eat anymore. I have bought another box, praise 👍
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Jujubes are big and small, sweet and crunchy, and some are rotten. Accept it
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how I love this fruit!!! It’s so fresh and crispy…
Omg! This jujubes are so good, they are sweet, crispy. So so sweet! Just placed my second order.
It's delicious and very sweet. I saw the price reduction as soon as I received it, alas.
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Some don’t look too fresh, but the whole is still very sweet and crispy
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I bought two different brands, the larger one is Shoukang, which is crispy and sweet, and very delicious. The other brand is a lot red and looks good, but the red is over-ripe and smells like wine.
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It’s okay.. It’s not unpalatable but it’s not very juicy
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