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Shirley Lau
The patterned one I bought in the store is out of stock. Try this one. This brand is fine.
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ོ Alva
As the box says, it is suitable for children aged 6-12. The 5-year-old child is still a little older
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This children's mask is good, very suitable for children under 12 years old, and very comfortable!
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mandy L
I have been using this byd mask, the quality is not bad!
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Very good 👍 The price is also cheap! It's suitable for kids
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Pretty good quality. perfect fit for kids 5 or above.
Byd's children's masks are of good quality. It's a bargain to buy at the time of the spike.
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It’s easy to use when recommended by friends
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I bought it at a special price, for the baby, hope conscience
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The eldest daughter said it’s not easy to use, it’s too tight, and her ears hurt.
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