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Jialiu’s Liuzhou snail noodles are delicious, and I have repurchased dozens of bags. Chili oil is very spicy. Will repurchase again.
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The taste is not as heavy as other brands, it is less stinky, and the material is full. I think it is good, and I will repurchase!
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Very good, a little spicy, will repurchase
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i only wanted the soup pack. it is the only brand without oil. good but too salty
The taste is good, the ingredients are ok, I will repurchase
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The ingredients are enough and delicious...
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Add egg or vegetables to make a big bowl. Be careful of the chili oil, adding it all makes it very spicy!
Very good, the taste is almost the same as Liuzhou snail noodles. The spicy oil is not in the picture and it looks lighter.
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The shelf life of this snail powder is super long, which seems to be more than one year. It is delivered on 11/13/2021, and the shelf life is 11/8/2022, which seems to be generally only 9 months. The taste is not bad, it looks a bit smellier than the snail bawang. Seeing that the package size is relatively small, it doesn't feel like it tastes good.
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Good amount of seasoning. Noodles do take a while to cook.
This snail noodle is too resistant to cooking. Taste Q
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The seasoning seems to be less than other brands, and the taste is okay
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I haven’t eaten this snail noodle, I don’t know if it’s good
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The various brands are a bit similar, but the key lies in the small differences: this one has fewer fans
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Very delicious soup meal! Spicy and hits the spot for a nice comfort food. We will re-purchase, is highly recommended!
Recently I love to eat snail noodles, so I also tried this one, I hope it tastes good for the first time.
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The first time I bought this brand, the portion is less than other brands. The taste of rice noodles is very good, but the yuba buns are relatively small, so overall it's okay.
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The taste was good, but not the best I’ve had. The noodles itself was probably one of the best though. It felt a bit thicker and chewier than other brands.
The powder is chewy, and the soup base is not bad. I will repurchase it at a good price!
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There is not one of the most unpalatable snail noodles
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