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It's delicious, no other brands are as delicious! I only remembered to take pictures until I had only one left
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Best konjac jelly. N times repurchase. 🥰
It's delicious. My son and I like it. I didn't know the specific size before I bought it. I took a photo for your reference. There are 12 small jellies like this, 6 grapes and 6 oranges.
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The jelly is delicious, the child likes it very much and will repurchase it
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Orihiro’s jelly is an essential low-calorie snack at my table. It is said that this brand of jelly is also very hot in Japan. The baby also likes it. The price of weee is very good, and various flavors are being repurchased. I like Kyoho grapes, green grapes, oranges and tangerines the most.
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Miriam T.
As soon as I received it, I opened it to eat. The memory point is not very deep.
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BEST jelly treats! I love the textures. Unlike American Jell-O, these Japanese jelly are firm and requires extra chewing. So addicting. Highly recommend!
Kid’s snack~ good
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good to eat! You can eat two ends in one bag
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It is delicious, there are 12 small pieces in a bag, it is easy to tear, and you can open it without scissors, it is delicious, recommended
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Super like those
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海阔天空 10000000000000000000
Repurchased three packs of delicious green grape and orange jelly
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Jelly with good taste, will consider repurchase
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I tried many brands of konjac jelly, this one is the best!
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Delicious, fragrant and low calorie
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Esther Liu
It's very cost-effective to have two flavors at once
I prefer the taste of green grapes
Everyone is welcome to buy and taste
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Konjac of this brand is quite delicious. Children like it too. I will definitely buy it when it is discounted😁
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These are so good! The kids love them. They are pretty expensive. Warning for small children- they can be a choking hazard. Make sure your kid is able to chew the jelly.
Jessica Jian ????
I like all the flavors, and it’s even delicious on the freezer.
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It’s delicious, it tasted like soda before, and it tastes better than jelly
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