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Well packaged, very convenient, nice shopping experience
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A lot of them, very affordable, they are suitable for cooking noodles and stir-frying.
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z w w
Braised with pork belly, it tastes good
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Not much taste and quite small, but for its price point, i feel it is worth it. If it is on discount again, will consider rebuying
Buy it for the first time. Although the abalone is small, it is quite elastic. This time together with Lee Kum Kee's canned abalone. It's because of being lazy, so I just use the abalone juice in the tin to make it together. Save time and effort 🤗 Tonight I will make a claypot abalone chicken with some broccoli at the bottom, the meat and vegetables are all ready! This little abalone can be restocked! 16 is not enough!
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This little abalone is good. Will continue to repurchase.
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Very small, 16 brushes are so tiring! There is no umami 😔
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Came with broken package. Brought it on sale. Good size abalone meat, I am going braise it with oyster sauce, chicken, scallops. It’s fully cooked, more easily to handle.
I used to buy two sets of six per box. This time there is a big box and the price will be repurchased.
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I’m too small, I don’t like it very much
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First time having abalone with noodle for lunch at home. I will repurchase. Thanks!
It tastes good, but it’s a small head and a meaty Q-bomb
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The size is like this. The quantity is large, I hope it's delicious😋
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There are 19 tiny pieces , cooked but unclean. Bake according to instruction but no abalone taste & rubbery. Not recommended.