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Placed at room temperature for more than a week, sweet and sour, good taste
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I have purchased this golden kiwi a few times, good quality and price. There are 10 this time, and they are smaller, hopefully they are as good.
There are ten of them. They are very small and hard, so they have to be eaten for a few days.
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Ariel Çap
There are 7 in a box, which is big, juicy and sweet. Very satisfied ❤️
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Very fresh and big kiwi, hope sweet.
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Good quality, sweet 😋, full of VC
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Got this at a discount and had to wait for a couple of of days to try them. Today two were ripe and they are very sweet, sweeter than those we got somewhere else. There are all together 7 in this box. Will repurchase.
There was about 9 small ones. I used it to make jam.
I will comment on the last one after eating. Friends who like to eat sweet fruits don’t need to buy it. It’s very, very sour.
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The packaging is very good, not damaged, looks fresh, hope it is delicious
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This time the size is relatively small, so there are 10 in a box. Sweet and sour, good taste
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Have been repurchased a few times and it is good.
The whole is fresh, not too sweet, one or two are too cooked😅
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The repurchased yellow kiwi has very thin skin
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Anna Lee
Sweet and very large kiwis, with a beautiful Golden color on the inside. My friend gave me one to try and I had to reorder them for myself!
Firm and fresh, the Nth repurchase
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Unlimited repurchase of this golden kiwifruit!! If you want to be sweeter, put the kiwifruit in a plastic bag and add an apple, then put it in a paper box or a dark place until it starts to soften, you can put it in the refrigerator, and enjoy it anytime!
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too delicious! Very sweet! Addictive!
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It doesn't feel very fresh, but it's okay. Three of them are relatively soft.
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The kiwis ordered this time are a bit small, 3 of them are already very soft
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