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Very good, even size, very fresh
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Smaller than a ping pong ball. 😅
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good. It's sweet! It's better than those bought in the supermarket😋
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z w w
Very fresh, sweet and sour and full of water
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Not worse than the one bought in a C supermarket~
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Good size and firm, haven’t tasted them yet though
The oranges are small but have an orange flavor.
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Each orange is really small but the portion is large and sweet
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The little oranges this time are not fresh and not sweet.
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Little sweet tangerines that kids love to eat
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When I received it, only four of the bags were good, and the rest were damaged. I have applied for a refund. The orange peel is very thin, but it sticks tightly to the orange, so it must be stale after a long time.
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Tandy 田地
The orange peel is slightly dry and not easy to peel, but the taste is okay and very sweet.
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Kitty Lin
the first time. Hope this time is also good
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These Mandarins are so tiny, nothing like those shown in the pictures. It's sweet of and sour mixed. Not happy about it
This time the oranges are very small and sweet!
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Oranges are very small, but they taste very sweet and positive.
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Outside of the oranges didn't look so good, but inside was ok. I wished they were fresher
Don’t buy it, it’s not sweet, it’s dry, it’s not tasty
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Small oranges have thin skins, sweet and sour, strong taste, and some have turned black. You must eat them first.
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This orange is seriously stale, it tastes bitter and weird
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