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Not salted chicken!
It's still different after adding a nine-story tower
Full of cumin
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It doesn’t look like a big bag, I hope it’s delicious
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This one is really delicious. It also comes with a bag of powder in it. Take a bowl to hold the powder and mix the chicken in it to fry it. It’s fragrant and crispy.
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Grievous アンジェラ
There is no air fryer, it is fried and eaten. The taste is not bad, the chicken tastes very tender. The only downside is that the amount of fried flour included in the package is not enough, and the rest of the fried flour can only be eaten directly.
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Maggie Yeh
It’s delicious, it’s convenient, and it’s fast with an air fryer
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Afternoon tea snacks👍🏻 Defrost in advance and then fry it in air😋
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It’s not salted chicken at all, the diced chicken thighs marinated in Orleans...it’s not delicious, it’s not like that at all. It won’t be crispy if it is not wrapped in fried noodles.
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It’s frozen so hard that I can’t find the expiration date. Every time I buy these meats, there is no expiration date, so I don’t buy it.
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