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Laotan sauerkraut noodles, I have always loved it,,, and the special price is good and cost-effective. . .
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Melissa Yeap | 美云
Taste pretty good. A little bit spicy.
Very delicious, the taste of childhood, and bought back a big package
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Lin Wang
The old altar sauerkraut beef noodles are also a net red noodles. In fact, the name is not true, especially in general.
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In addition to fresh shrimp fish plate, the favorite instant noodles are the old altar pickles.
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Buying Chinese instant noodles in the US for the first time
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I tried the old altar sauerkraut noodles once, so it’s delicious.
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The special request from the family to buy, unhealthy but occasionally solved, it is said that the old altar sauerkraut only has a unified card.
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I used to buy it only in Ami, and suddenly I found that weee was very cheap.
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I like this very much, it is often out of stock~
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