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First time buying this flavor, try it
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Very fresh, but the taste of scallops is not very good, and there are small shrimps in it
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This Weiquan Dumpling King is delicious
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Very tasty. Not fishy. Whole prawns and minced scallops can be seen in the filling. will repurchase
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Wei Chuan is probably the healthiest tasting dumpling brand we've tried that is still good. This one is not our favorite of theirs but it's yummy and the bits of filling are identifiable.
Delicious dumplings 🥟 Have eaten several times
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Love this brand of dumplings!
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Usually I make my own, but occasionally I want to eat frozen
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The first time I bought it, I haven't cooked it yet, it should be good
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There are several flavors of dumplings, try them out, and compare which one is good.
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꧁༺Jenny Hu༻꧂
Delicious The dumplings I have been buying are good👍
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I often buy full-flavored dumplings, several flavors are quite delicious, and they are not easy to break
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This unlimited repurchase ~ super convenient
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Li Yu Bing
This dumpling is much cheaper than the supermarket. It’s real, not oily or salty, it’s the best quality I have ever tasted.
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My family likes this dumpling king scallop shrimp, and I ate two packets in one go
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Carl Zhang
The scallops and shrimp dumplings taste okay, I personally like the full-flavored shepherd's purse and shrimp dumplings
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Yes, not lost to handmade dumplings, worth buying
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Delicious, delicious, favorite filling, just buy it
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Weiquan's quick-frozen dumpling series produced in the United States. This is the Nth flavor. Dumplings with pure seafood filling, scallops + shrimp, fresh dumplings, shrimp meat, scallop meat are all eaten, and I almost fainted with happiness. ~~ Discount will be repurchased.

Weiquan Meijia Real Dumpling King Scallop Shrimp Dumpling Frozen 21 oz
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My family likes to eat dumplings. It’s the first time I bought full-flavored scallops and shrimp dumplings. I can eat scallops and shrimps in the filling, but the dumplings are generally fishy. People who often eat vegetable and meat dumplings may not like the smell. .
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