Fiesta Del Mar Wild Caught Squid, Frozen 2.2 lb

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Fiesta Del Mar Wild Caught Squid, Frozen 2.2 lb
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Reviews (53)
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Zhang Yi
The packaging is very good, buy it to make seafood tofu pot
first time buying this
The delivery is very good this time, the arrival did not defrost
Fresh squids!!!So delicious! I like it so much!
The package is not sealed, just the carton and it feels very dangerous.
hope this is good
The squid is fresh, but the packaging has no other protection besides the carton; the squid size is almost random, and the quality control is not strict enough. There are 24 in the box, which is a bit big compared to the ten or so in other orders. Because of its small size, the meat is thin, but the sweetness is acceptable.
California seeded squid is fresh and springy
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United States
Unit Qty:
2.2 lb

Fiesta Del Mar Wild Caught Squid, Frozen