Loong Kong Large Chicken, Frozen 3.2-3.5 lb

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Loong Kong Large Chicken, Frozen 3.2-3.5 lb
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Reviews (57)
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This time the chicken is not as fragrant as the one I bought last time, it's a bit fishy, tender or quite tender
I made a large plate of chicken and it was delicious. The fungus is also the northeast fungus from Gonghelin that I bought on weee. Recommend
A chicken made a whole chicken feast, the chicken is very tender and delicious
Tracy Lee
Absolutely! This chicken is simply delicious. Picture one is the chicken broth boiled with mushroom soup. The chicken is very delicate and does not jam teeth. The first step is to boil the chicken in cold water and remove it. The second step is to fry the chicken with green onion and ginger. Because my chicken is skinless, there is no oil. I just add some vegetable oil and fry it until fragrant. The third step is to stew the mushroom wraps bought from Weee and chicken together in a cast iron pot for more than 1 hour (note that boiling water is added when stewing). Those who like to drink soup can eat it directly (see Figure 2). The fourth step is to add some boiled chicken broth and chicken, then add Bobo chicken seasoning. One chicken and two foods are nourishing and health preservation and meet the needs of Chengdu people's taste buds.
The meat is very tender and will not grow old after cooking for a long time! Half made the family version of Buddha Jumping the Wall (the chicken soup is in a correct color, and the chicken feet are in the soup, which is thick), and half made the yellow braised chicken rice (the rice is not left at all). It's really delicious. It's not in vain that I cut the chicken vigorously for a long time!
Vicky Deng
Very good chicken, freshly cooked white sliced chicken
The tender and slippery free-range chicken has been purchased for the second time, and it is simply not good to use it to make white-cut chicken! I look forward to the next price reduction to buy food again.
I made the white chicken. This Longgang chicken tastes better than all other chickens.
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3.2-3.5 lb

Loong Kong Large Chicken, Frozen