[Peach Fairy] Donut Peach Gift Box, 15-16 (Large) 1 each

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[Peach Fairy] Donut Peach Gift Box, 15-16 (Large) 1 each
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Reviews (89)
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The flat peaches look very good, they are both soft and hard, except for the price.
It tastes sweet, not the kind of crisp, it's not bad, right
It's still delicious when cooked.
Barbara Ma
It's delicious and fresh, it's worth placing an order
It becomes soft after a few days, the skin can be peeled, it is sweet and juicy, and the taste is similar to Shoukang peach.
The peach has a sweet aroma and smells very good. Ripe ones are sweeter and have plenty of moisture, but some are not very sweet. I don’t know why
The peaches in the Peach Fairy Gift Box were crispy when they were first received. After two or three days, it will soften and become a mouthfeel that melts in the mouth. Very sweet and delicious. Will repurchase in the future.
The peaches are quite sweet, but the reception is a bit messy
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United States
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1 each

[Peach Fairy] Donut Peach Gift Box, 15-16 (Large)