Arctic Ocean Mandarin Soda 248 ml

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Arctic Ocean Mandarin Soda 248 ml
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(featuring my crazy lil kitty) this soda is really nice! it took. an absurdly long time for me to get the bottle cap off only to have my parents use the wine opener and get it open easily 😭 it does taste better than fanta orange soda, tastes more like real orange, nice and sweet, perfect! Will buy again :)
Arctic ocean soda grows up with me, and I am very happy to regain my childhood memories
like. The Arctic Ocean has always been delicious
This is really like going back to childhood, the taste of childhood
This is delicious and will continue to repurchase
Tasted like orange soda. The potions are small it filled up a wine glass
100-year repurchase model yyds my favorite
Arctic Ocean Orange Soda is delicious, and the packaging is also careful, it is worth buying!
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248 ml

Ingredients: water, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, concentrated mandarin orange juice, salt, carbon dioxide, citric acid, vitamin C, sucralose, D-sodium ascorbate, preservative (potassium sorbate), beta carotene, artificial and natural flavors.

Storage conditions: Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Shelf life: 180 days

Production date: see bottle cap

Using mandarin oranges naturally grown in the Sichuan mountain forests as the main ingredient, the Arctic Ocean soda has a rich fruity taste. Using the unique formula and supplemented by advanced production technology, the Arctic Ocean has a strong sweet and sour taste, a with fruity aroma.


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