Arrowhead Root 1 lb

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Arrowhead Root 1 lb
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Reviews (67)
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??Emily Ruan??
The mushrooms are so small, I don't know if they are delicious
The mushrooms looked fresh, but the quantity was a little small.
The sprouts of this kind of mushroom are very long and big, so I don't know if it tastes good or not.
It should be ok, it looks ok!
The mushrooms look fresh when I just received them
It’s rare to see fresh ones. Last time I bought it out of stock. I am very happy to buy it this time. The roasted meat is excellent
Grilled pork belly with Shiitake mushrooms, plus weee's eggs, delicious
The fried chicken with mushrooms is fresh and delicious, and the roasted meat is a perfect match
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United States
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1 lb

Duck potato. Just another name for this aquatic vegetable called an Arrowhead. Typically found around the Chinese New Year, grab your potato peeler. Mash, slice, or stir fry. The starchy chestnut flavor is a taste of home. For your home.

Arrowhead Root

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