Arumi Korean Seafood Pancake, Frozen 300 g

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Arumi Korean Seafood Pancake, Frozen 300 g
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Reviews (88)
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Too oily and spotted no seafood. Didn't taste good and will no repurchase
Crispy and delicious seafood pancakes, will repurchase again
Microwave can be served on the table is very convenient Not bad but can not eat seafood
Today, the goods are ready to be eaten, it is really delicious 😋 hurry up and place the order
??Coo 美国代购·正常接单
There are three slices of pancakes in a pack, so you don’t need to defrost them and fry them directly. It’s very convenient! When it is fried, the edges are very burnt and crispy, with only a little spicy. I like the taste very much! It is very similar to the summer cakes in Fuzhou and will be repurchased‼ ️
They are delicious and not expensive, and a bit spicy pancakes are suitable for everyone's taste. Come and place your order! I won't let you down^_^
One serving of Korean pancake already meets various nutritional needs. There are dishes, seafood, and starch, and it’s cheap.
There is plenty of time to fry this seafood pancake in the morning on weekends. The fried one is crispier and more fragrant than an air pan.
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South Korea
Unit Qty:
300 g

Arumi Korean Seafood Pancake, Frozen