Autumn Pears 6-10ct 1 case

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Autumn Pears 6-10ct 1 case
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Not small, full of juice, sweet and delicious~
The first box of this year is very sweet and delicious. It is much better than South Korea’s Shindaka pears.
Very large, very good quality!
There are 8 in a box I received, big and sweet.
There are 7 in a box, each of which is very large. But the flesh is not very tender, and there are many black scars on the flesh, which is not as good as last year’s quality
Sweet, crunchy and large, each weighing more than a pound. Although much more expensive than last year, they are still worth it!
A box of 7 pieces, 4 kilograms. The packaging is good and each one is big. Fresh, juicy and sweet, very good. Will repurchase
The first order was placed on 10/22. It was a box of 7 pieces, each of which was big, sweet and of very good quality. So I bought it back on 10/31, but this time it was a box of 9 pieces, each of which was much smaller (See Figure 1 for comparison)! Small is enough, but the quality is still so bad that can't be tolerated! There are many black spots on each pear. It is not as good as the 2.99-pound Korean pear that Dahua bought. I definitely can't buy it again!
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1 case

These Autumn pears sound sweet and nostalgic. Because they are. Part of the Asian pear family, they are shaped like apples, high in water content, and tend to be eaten raw and not baked. Juicy and with crispy white flesh, this fruit will be your happy place.