Baby Corn 8 oz 227 g

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Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Baby Corn 8 oz 227 g
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Reviews (76)
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The baby corn is very sweet and delicious, I will buy it next time
?Lillian ✨✨
Stir-fried vegetables and boiled noodles are delicious and convenient
I like to use bamboo shoots to stir-fry green vegetables. It's delicious
The price of weee's bamboo shoots is very real, I have repurchased it countless times, and the two bags I bought this time are very beautiful!
Stir-fried corn with bamboo shoots, vegetables and meat are all versatile and delicious! Repurchased several times
I have ordered the dishes several times, and every time they are fresh, they will be repurchased.
It's better than the ones I bought in the supermarket before. I fried mixed vegetables on the day I received the goods. The taste is good. I bought it this time even children like it, but the children did not like the corn shoots I bought in the supermarket. Hurry up and weee repurchase coincides with a discount, and immediately start three packs 😄
Sarah Lee
Parent-child donuts with corn shoots are very fresh, sweet and delicious
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227 g

Baby Corn