Beef Center Heel Muscle 0.9-1.1 lb

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Beef Center Heel Muscle 0.9-1.1 lb
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It’s not a big one. Fortunately, I bought two and opened it. It seems that some of the fascia has been removed. It feels very convenient to marinate the beef tendon. If it is too fragrant, it will turn into beef noodles and eat it😜😂😂
This beef tendon heart is a product that our family often buys back
This beef tendon is not big, but it's pretty good
The beef tendon I received was very fresh and it was a large piece of money tendon, not a small piece of beef tendon bought in the supermarket.
The braised beef is very good and will repurchase
This batch is smaller than the one I bought last time. A pack of 2 pieces of marinade is smaller and the weight is smaller. The quality is good and will be repurchased.
The beef tendon is very good. After marinating it, let it taste for one night. The next day, it is sliced into slices for husband and wife lungs. The fried chicken is delicious.
Made beef with sauce, it was delicious!
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United States
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0.9-1.1 lb
Beef Center Heel Muscle