Beef Heel Muscle, Frozen 1.8-2.2 lb

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Beef Heel Muscle, Frozen 1.8-2.2 lb
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Reviews (8)
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I only received one pack, is it a price increase? I remember it used to be about $26 for two packs, because this beef tendon is smaller than other packs
Very beautiful two beef tendon hearts, I bought them and made them directly
Braised beef tendon, great taste and good quality
Repurchase often. The quality is very good. The braised beef tendon is delicious
Wendy Chen
My daughter is going back to school, so let her braise some beef tendons to bring her back to school
lisa 
This bull key heart repurchases J for N times, every time it’s good
This is not bad and will be repurchased.
The quality is poor and the serving size is much smaller. I hope that the price is clearly marked, not giving a weight range.
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United States
Unit Qty:
1.8-2.2 lb

Beef Heel Muscle, Frozen