Beef Heel Muscle, Frozen 3.5 lb

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Beef Heel Muscle, Frozen 3.5 lb
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Reviews (501)
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It's best used to make sauce beef😄. The sauce is then used to marinate the eggs, which will kill two birds with one stone 🤩
I made braised beef tendon and paired it with a soup.
Beyond the Cloud
It can be marinated twice. It tastes good and has beef tendon. I like it the most.
Lilly LUO
The beef tendon is good, I will repurchase next time
This time I came in two packs, not the big one before. It's convenient, you don't need to defrost first and then take half of it out to cook. I hope weee will sell more small packages in the future.
Jenny Z
There is more fat in beef tendon. I received a total of 55oz of beef tendon, cut out 5.2oz of fat and threw it away, losing 10%
The brand that I often buy has been out of stock. I hope this is also delicious and will not be disappointed.
I haven’t made beef noodles for a long time, so I made beef noodles with this
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United States
Unit Qty:
3.5 lb

Ingredients: Beef Heel Muscle

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Today in the kitchen: heel muscle. This large cut of meat is perfect for braising or boiling in a rich soup. Dinner is served. Hey, beef for breakfast might be the start of the day you never knew you needed.


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