Beef Heel Muscle 3 lb

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Beef Heel Muscle 3 lb
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Reviews (42)
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The quality is good and the braised beef is delicious.
Didi Xu
I made the braised beef tendon for the first time last night, and only a small piece was left after a meal. Today I made instant noodles for the child and put the rest of the beef tendon. It was not easy to eat!
The portion is very big
It was really frozen. When I arrived at home, I made the sauced beef. According to Xiao Gao's method of sauced beef on YouTube, it was delicious. Children love it!
Ah 莎小莎~
Cooked braised beef, the meat is fresh and tender, very delicious
Buy home spiced beef and repurchase it later if it is special.
The braised beef and braised beef noodles are delicious!
✨ YS✨
The goods I received on 6/9 were packed in 2/4. I was looking forward to it, but I was really disappointed. The meat looks like the picture, but it’s not very fresh.
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United States
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3 lb


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