Beef Heel Muscle 3 lb

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Beef Heel Muscle 3 lb
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Reviews (8)
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This packaging feels a bit weird, it's not well sealed
Karen Lu
Made braised beef noodles ~ this beef tendon is not bad! No need to go to the supermarket to pass through the smelly meat, weee is so convenient
Frozen beef tendon is of good quality 👍 Worth recommending and repurchasing
I bought this kind of packaging for the first time. But it's not bad, it hasn't shrunk too much.
The quality is good and the braised beef is delicious.
Didi Xu
I made the braised beef tendon for the first time last night, and only a small piece was left after a meal. Today I made instant noodles for the child and put the rest of the beef tendon. It was not easy to eat!
The beef delivered on May 29 was packaged on April 12, and the meat was a little black
The meat is very good, suitable for making lo-mei at home
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United States
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3 lb


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