Big Green Organic Millet 16 oz

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Big Green Organic Millet 16 oz
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Reviews (78)
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A bowl of two-meter porridge served with Shen Dacheng scallion pancakes on weekend mornings 😋 (organic corn ballast and scallion pancakes are also bought on Weee, so convenient!)
I haven't tried this brand before, buy it and try it
The millet that has been repurchasing a bowl of millet porridge in the morning
I like this brand of Xiaomi, I have always bought it.
wendy weng
This color is good. Confinement millet porridge is ready!
Angela Joey
More fragrant and waxy than ordinary millet, golden color I made sweet potato and millet porridge this time
Looks good, I plan to make millet porridge for my baby
The expiration date is 2022-1-15, and it is vacuum packed. Compared with the [Luye] organic yellow millet bought before, it looks more yellow
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Big Green Organic Millet

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