Bird's Nest Drink, Original 240ml 8 oz

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Bird's Nest Drink, Original 240ml 8 oz
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Reviews (54)
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Very good, but the amount is a bit small, the picture is fresh
I have repurchased it many times, and the glass bottles can be cleaned to make drinks
The taste is not good, it is squishy, and there is a little bit of bird's nest offal at the end of the drink.
Bird's nest tastes refreshing and comfortable, with moderate sweetness
It tastes good just as an iced drink👍
Buy it as a drink, it's refreshing after being chilled👍
Long validity period (2024). The taste is slightly sweet and it is very comfortable and convenient to drink.
Very suitable for summer drinks🧃The light sugar sweetness is just right👌
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8 oz

Ingredients: Purified water, organic sugar, swallow bird nest, and stabilizer.

Asian luxury item, right here. Treasured swiftlet nests (translated to "swallow" in Chinese) are made from saliva, but don't knock it yet. Considered "caviar of the east," some nests are sold $10,000 per kilogram. A bowl in a Shanghai restaurant goes up to hundreds of dollars. Known as an elixir of youth, it is said to keep skin young. This jelly-like sweet delicacy is worth a sip. After all, people have risked their lives to retrieve these nests from caves. You're hardly risking your life to try it.

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