Boneless Beef Rib Fingers, Frozen 2.75-3.5 lb

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Boneless Beef Rib Fingers, Frozen 2.75-3.5 lb
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Reviews (198)
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This beef pit brisket tastes good, and the weight is moderate. Made Vietnamese beef brisket with rice noodles and French bag 👍🏻😋
Shukkei 淑棋
I used this to make sirloin in a clear soup. My family said that the beef must have a strong flavor. I still like the big sirloin that I used to eat.
Allan Chiu
The quality of this beef pit is very good 👍 will repurchase again
Kelly Chiu
The meat looks good and evenly fat and thin
Use more than half to make braised beef, very delicious sirloin!
I cooked the beef pit brisket that Weee bought today, it was very delicious, and I will repurchase it next time.
Immediately make tomato beef noodles, super delicious beef!
too poor! The sirloin I bought was cowboy bones. I didn't like buying cowboy bones on weee, but when I opened it, they were all fat, too bad! Except the bones are fat, what do you eat?
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United States
Unit Qty:
2.75-3.5 lb

Also known as Finger Meat. We admit, it's an odd name. These are technically the thin strips of beef from between the ribs. Stew, braise, or get it in the pressure cooker. With a little fattiness, and a lot of flavor, you'll be licking your own fingers.

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