Boneless Duck Feet, Frozen 1 lb

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Boneless Duck Feet, Frozen 1 lb
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This boneless duck feet have been repurchased several times by my family. It is clean and has no smell and is easy to clean. The method is also very simple. Add cooking wine and blanch for two minutes, then add ice cubes in cold water, and drain the water. Duck feet are our family's favorite.
It’s quite convenient to make pickled peppers and bad duck feet, just cook it out and that’s it
Boneless duck feet are easy to eat with mustard duck feet
Cold duck feet with cucumber, it’s very appetizing in summer
The packaging was damaged when it came, and I hope to pay attention to it next time. I made the cold duck feet, because I don't know what soaked it, and I washed it several times and broke a lot. The taste is okay,
Cooking with black mushrooms, abalones and oyster sauce. Tastes good.
It’s not poke, I made the hot and sour lemon duck feet 🍋 super delicious
Will not repurchase the smell is heavy and a little fatty
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1 lb

Boneless Duck Feet, Frozen