Brown Asian Pear 1 case

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Brown Asian Pear 1 case
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Reviews (18)
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Some pears are a bit bruised, but overall they are not bad. The pear flesh is not particularly delicate, but it is also crispy and sweet.
Pears look great very big
Although the pears are small, they are sweet in the mouth.
Fengshui pears are full of moisture and sweet
This box of Fengshui pears is sweet and crisp. It's so delicious. Recommend and will repurchase
Kind of small but very sweet.
I received a box that was not very fresh. Although it is thin, it is sweet.
I bought it for the first time. There were 16 of them, but they were small in size. I cut two pears immediately, both of them have bruises, not very fresh, I hope the rest will be better.
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United States
Unit Qty:
1 case

~16 pieces

The best flavored of all Asian Pears, Hosui are very round, medium to large, and combining the flavor and sweetness of Pears with the crunchiness of crisp Apples. Their mild flavor is sweet and slightly tart. It needs other Pear trees to pollinate such as 20th Century or Bartlett. Cold hardy, drought resistant and heat tolerant, Hosui is a good choice for milder climates as it requires only 450 low chilling hours. Vigorous willowy growth habit.


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