California Winter Jujube 2 lb

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California Winter Jujube 2 lb
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Reviews (35)
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I washed and ate it immediately after receiving it. The winter jujube is a small one, but it's so sweet!!!!! Very fresh! I thought about taking pictures when I ran out of jujubes~~
This is today’s winter jujube, it is estimated that everyone can get a discount
Barely passing. Insufficient water, insufficient sweetness, can only be said to be edible. It was put directly in the box, and there was no ice bag to keep it fresh. Most of it was red when I received it.
The jujubes are fresh, the size is a little different, the big ones are very big, and the small ones are generally small. Not particularly sweet, but lightly sweet.
Xiaolin Song
Crisp, sweet, most of the moisture is enough~
The packaging is different from last year, and the size is also much smaller. Remove the rotten pump and you can’t eat, there is not much left, which is far worse than last year.
Good quality winter dates, crispy and sweet
I was not satisfied with the fruits I bought this time. The red-heart grapefruit is almost crooked, and half of the fruit flesh inside is dry, hard, and wood. Anyway, half of it can be eaten normally. But Dongzao is too bad, right? There are many moldy spots, which are weak in one pinch, and can only be thrown away.
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United States
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2 lb