Calpico Non-Carbonated Soft Drink, Original Flavor 500ml 16.9 oz

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Calpico Non-Carbonated Soft Drink, Original Flavor 500ml 16.9 oz
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Reviews (63)
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The food is delicious, the children like it very much, I will buy it again at half price.
Miu Ting
Japanese things are delicious! The taste of childhood!
Quite a lot of added sugar so don’t drink it all at once! But it is delicious and fresh tasting.
very good! sweet and refreshing, with a little bit of tang. i'll definitely buy again!
After drinking it, I remembered to post the order, so I borrowed the picture in the mini package 😂... The big bottle is very cost-effective, and the kids love it.
This smell is really irreplaceable!
Japanese (Calpis) and Korean (milkis) have a big PK... Calpis is a bit sour, which is more in line with the category of yogurt, not as sweet as milkis. The milkis is angry and sweet.
Calpis kids like it very much, every one tastes good
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16.9 oz
Milk, Soy.

Ingredients: Water, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, nonfat dry milk (treated with a lactic acid culture), lactic acid, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, soy fiber, and sodium citrate (no gluten).

Storage conditions: Store in a cool place.

A beverage to rule them all. Known as "Calpis" in Japan, this popular non-carbonated drink is known as "Calpico" pretty much everywhere else. Say it out loud and you'll understand. Its smooth, creamy, and tangy flavor will hook you. Don't miss out on the best that life offers in a bottle.

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