Chayope Leaf 1 lb

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Chayope Leaf 1 lb
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Evelyn Wu
The quality is pretty good, but the quality delivered this time is a bit older
Because it is put together with dry ice/ice cubes, it has a little frostbite but it is really delicious. Thank you for allowing us to taste the taste of hometown. Will repurchase
It is delicious to buy asparagus at Minor😋
When I bought it for the first time, the stir-fry was delicious, and the taste was fragrant and tender. Will often repurchase
Annie B
My favorite veggies!! it made me miss my hometown. Definitely buy it again when the price is discounted
Quite fresh and delicious, miss the taste
The stem looks thick but it tastes fresh and not old. It can be fried without special treatment and cleaning. I haven't eaten asparagus for a long time and I miss the taste.
The asparagus that has been repurchased many times is a bit expensive but fresh and delicious
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United States
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1 lb
Chayope Leaf