Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread Wheat Rolls 8ct 11.2 oz

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Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread Wheat Rolls 8ct 11.2 oz
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Bake it a little bit and spread the cream, it tastes great!
You can eat the Cheesecake Factory bread that is far away from home without going out. I am very happy when I receive it. The bread is wrapped in an ice pack, but it feels soft and fresh. Bake it in the oven for 5 minutes before eating. It is simply baked with some butter or coconut milk cream. It is super delicious !
mandy L
The taste is okay, not very special!
I finally bought brown bread from weee, recommended
Cecil Shan
The small black bag from the cheese factory has always been a favorite, and it is soft and fragrant to eat after it is heated in the microwave for 15 seconds.
Eat it with cream cheese, taste so good
The taste is ok, but not amazing, read the comments and try
Personally, I don’t think it tastes so good
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United States
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11.2 oz

Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread Wheat Rolls 8ct