ChiaTe Pineapple Cakes 12pc 540 g

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ChiaTe Pineapple Cakes 12pc 540 g
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Often repurchases, only the word "delicious 😋" can describe
Just delicious. I bought a few boxes and put them together. Back to Taipei, I will definitely go to Jiade Bakery. Fresh. Received on 7/25, and the shelf life is until 8/23.
Today I finally ate the long-awaited Jiade pineapple cake, which is ranked number one in Taiwan.
The top three pineapple cakes in my heart are very happy to be eaten without going back to Taiwan. Weee is really good and convenient.
Gloria W.
Yes, it's milky and milky. The taste is similar to that of Jiade. At this price, a good substitute.
This is my favorite among the pineapple cakes I have eaten so far.
Something delicious
I bought it in Taiwan Zhou. A box of 12. Not too expensive. Very fresh and crispy. I especially like the filling inside. The pineapple paste is fresh and soft. It is slightly smoky and sweet. The skin is not too thick. It is simply the best!! The expiration date is 5/9/2021. But I really don’t want to increase the weight within a month, so I accepted the manufacturer’s suggestion to store in the refrigerator to keep the freshness!! Then you can eat it within three to six months to reduce your guilt ! You don't need to fly up to the mountains or the sea, you can also enjoy it at home easily!! Compared to FB group buying, it is more convenient and cheaper. Travel time and fuel costs are also saved. The most important thing is that it is so delicious! =P
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540 g

ChiaTe Pineapple Cakes 12pc

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