Chilean Fresh White Nectarine 2.8-3.2 lb

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Chilean Fresh White Nectarine 2.8-3.2 lb
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Each one is between very ripe and about to go bad. I don’t know if it’s the shipping pan or the original product.
Mandy Peng
extremely bad quality!
I received a total of 10 peaches, which were overripe, and four of them were crushed, and they were quite small
Small, soft, rotten, but not sweet
A total of seven were received. They were delicious and sweet, with a very good taste. It is a pity that three of the seven are slightly damaged. Overall, this is a very good white nectarine. Received seven white nectarines from this order. It's delicious, juicy, sweet with nice aroma. The only pity is three out of seven are bruised with small holes. Otherwise it's a nice product.
Last time I sent 7 large white peaches, sweet and juicy; this time I sent 13 small white peaches, not sweet and tasteless
Very fragrant, well-hydrated and sweet, 9 servings, only 2 are hard, the rest are very soft, can’t be put, eat right away, you can buy soft ones if you like
Label says California but they are still good. Freckled but still firm. Would repurchase.
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Unit Qty:
2.8-3.2 lb

When you think of nectarines, do you think of Chile? If it’s wintertime, you should! The nectarines that you see from December through April are from Chile, which is in the heart of their summer. White flesh nectarines are sweet when still firm and crunchy. Enjoy them while soft, if that's how you like it. Take a bite, and try to remember why you don't buy them more often.