Chinese Cauliflower 2.3-2.5 lb

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Chinese Cauliflower 2.3-2.5 lb
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Fresh and delicious! I bought it at a discount, I love it
Stir-fried Wang Ge bacon and lotus root with cauliflower in Taishan, delicious!
Taishan cauliflower fried squid, for 5point, now it’s the mobile phone to eat first
It is a bit too old
First deflate the frying pan for ten minutes, stir-fry the Pixian bean paste and bacon garlic sprouts to make it dry, dry and delicious.
The repurchased Taishan cauliflower but the quality is different each time
Jenn Li
Taishan scattered cauliflower is better than ordinary cauliflower.
as good as before! Will continue to repurchase.
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United States
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2.3-2.5 lb

Chinese Cauliflower Description

Chinese Cauliflower is a very popular vegetable with delicious taste, high nutrition and high medicinal value. Chinese Cauliflower is rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. The carotene content is 8 times that of Chinese cabbage, and the vitamin B2 content is 2 times that of Chinese cabbage. The calcium content is high, comparable to the calcium content in milk. Therefore, the edible value and health function of cauliflower are very high.

At Weee, we provide customers with high-quality Chinese Cauliflower at a very competitive price.

How to Freeze-Preserve Chinese Cauliflower?

Step 1. First, choose fresh cauliflower. You should choose firm cauliflower. Avoid cauliflower with brown spots or soft parts on the head.

Step 2. After that, wash the cauliflower, rinse off dirt, bacteria and pesticides with tap water, and then immerse it in a bowl of hot water to clean all corners and crevices.

Step 3. Remove all the leaves of the cauliflower. You can just discard the green leaves because they are useless.

Step 4. Then cut the cauliflower into even small cauliflowers, which makes it easier to freeze and thaw later.

Step 5. Prepare a pot of salt water to soak the broccoli, making sure to kill some of the eggs in it.

Step 6. Blanch the cauliflower in boiling water again, but don't let them get boiled.

Step 7. Then prepare ice water.

Step 8. After being boiled in boiling water for 3 minutes, immediately transferred to ice water, using pasteurization method can eliminate 97% of microorganisms.

Step 9. Finally, pack the cauliflower into the freezer for storage.


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