Chinese Pears 4.8-5.2 lb

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Chinese Pears 4.8-5.2 lb
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This pressure is very good, very sweet and very watery
A total of ten came, and only one touched it. In autumn, I want to eat pears.
I have been a long time customer of Weee, and lately, (after they got their big investment), the quality of the produce has gone DOWN... I purchased the pears, about 12 of them, and 3 of the 12 came like this... With mildew-y, black dots on them - very unappetizing. But the worst part is the fruit actually is not good - kinda of mealy (it tasted like it was frozen and then defrosted) and had absolutely no flavor. And when you cut them in half, they have this brown coloring throughout. so disappointed.
I bought a pear for the first time, but I don’t know how it tastes.
The first time I ate the savory 🍐I bought it before, so sweet, delicious and juicy, I won’t repurchase it in the future😟
It has a lot of water and is crispy, but it is not sweet.
Use the newly bought corn dregs and small taro to cook the porridge with some millet, it is delicious and nutritious
Repurchased twice, really good, cool and thirst quenching
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Unit Qty:
4.8-5.2 lb

This pear is BAE. These Chinese Pears are shaped like apples and happen to bruise easily. High in water content, they tend to be eaten raw and not baked. Juicy, crunchy, and delicately sweet, this fruit will absolutely seduce you.