Cilantro 1 bunch

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Cilantro 1 bunch
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The quality is very good, so it can be stored for a period of time.
Cooking hot pot 🍲 so fragrant ~ coriander mutton or beef go well with
I bought two bundles, very fresh and very fragrant
One of the bundle of cilantro I received ended up being squished under heavy things. Some of the leaves ended up mushy. Don't know if its because they picked a bad batch or it tumbled around and ended up being squished while delivering. Disappointed.
The coriander is quite fresh, but you have to buy two at a time, and sometimes it can't be used up and spoiled.
C's happyland
The coriander is good, large and fresh.
I don’t understand the packaging of wee, sometimes over-packaged, and sometimes completely unpackaged. Look at this box, can't the coriander fit in the bag properly?
Cilantro salad. Very fresh.
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United States
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1 bunch

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Love it or hate it. Cilantro is a fresh herb with distinct taste. Don't feel left out if it's not your thing. Some people have a genetic quirk that makes it taste like soap. Sad times. If this is not you, you probably can't get enough though. Indulge your palate. Chop it up and sprinkle this stuff everywhere.