Conah Fresh Peeled Garlic 226g 1 each

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Conah Fresh Peeled Garlic 226g 1 each
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Try buying a pack at a special price, I used to buy whole garlic
Angel Wong
I often buy convenient garlic, but I will continue to buy it at special prices.
Convenient and fresh garlic, no need to pluck it by yourself👍
Perfect and fresh
The garlic will be repurchased when you use it up, so you don’t need to pick garlic!
Welfare for the handicapped of sowing garlic, buy it
For a garlic lover, peeling garlic is really convenient
I bought it for the first time, it's good and fresh now
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1 each

Garlic is a popular ingredient because, well, it's freaking delicious. When a recipe calls for two cloves, we all know we need to triple that amount. If that's wrong, we don't want to be right. There's a few garlic peeling hacks out there. But the best one is when you don't need one. This Conah bag of fresh garlic arrives unpeeled. Less prep work is always a big win when it comes to cooking time. Just grab and go.

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated.

Conah Fresh Peeled Garlic


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