Cooked Salted Duck Eggs 6pc 360 g

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Cooked Salted Duck Eggs 6pc 360 g
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Reviews (370)
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I haven't opened it yet, it looks good, I hope it's delicious
It is delicious with porridge and buns~Individually packaged
I bought this brand of duck eggs for the first time, read the reviews, it’s good, try it
I think the saltiness is the salty yellow of the salted duck eggs. It’s really oily and delicious.
It can be served with white porridge and fried dough sticks
The real oily salted duck eggs! The moment I ate it, I felt like I fell to heaven, and it was a bargain!
Lunch Earlier !!!! Super excited to eat my Salted Duck Egg .Perfect , Taste so good and so fulfilled ❤
Before purchase this, i tried so many different salted egg brands and this is the best one so far. It’s not too salty and the yolk is extremely oily delicious, just perfect to go along with bland rice porridge or streamy white rice.
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360 g

Ingredients: Duck eggs, salt, and water.

Decadent salted duck eggs. Egg lovers, this egg will be your jam. Rich, salty, and bursting with flavor. Mix up your meals with this treat.

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