Cooked Salted Duck Eggs 6 count

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Cooked Salted Duck Eggs 6 count
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Reviews (53)
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I've been buying this brand of salted eggs. It's good.
I have been eating this brand of salted duck eggs and I like it
Vicky Gaines
If there is oil, the taste is a little salty when you eat it alone, and the cooking should be just right.
The cooked salted egg received the first purchase, and some people said it was delicious.
Gra cie
My first time buying this. I will repurchase it if it taste great
Dongzhiwei cooked salted egg is worth repurchasing to see if the picture is very beautiful
A Wu
This brand is often bought, not bad.
The oily salted duck eggs, good 👍 will repurchase
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Unit Qty:
6 count

Ingredients: Duck eggs, salt, and water.

Here is your exotic partner in crime, egg lovers. Preserved in salted charcoal paste or soaked in brine, these eggs are about to blow your mind. Vacuum-packed salt and flavor bombs. Typically eaten in a plain porridge, you might not love them the first time. But we say, try try again.

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