Custard Flavored Paste 220 g

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Custard Flavored Paste 220 g
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Ruby Lin
The third can of soufflé, although there is a gap with the real soufflé bread in Taiwan, it comforted me a little bit about missing Taiwan! Much tastier than sesame! It is recommended to cut it to 15%, you can buy it and try it
good to eat! It has a grainy texture and is not particularly sweet
Spread it on the steamed buns, too lazy to bake it, it tastes good when eaten directly, it is not sweet or greasy at all, I like it very much
Cooking mama
I like to use thick slices of toast to rub the soy sauce, it's delicious!
This is so good on toast.
Occasionally, when I miss a Taiwanese breakfast restaurant, a quick and convenient spread of sauce, with a drink, is great👍
The fragrant and sweet thick slices of crispy toast is the taste in memory.
Look at the praises and bought countless. I may have a problem with my mouth, I always feel a bit fishy, and children don’t like it too 😅
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220 g
Milk, Soy.



Custard Flavored Paste

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